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2# Product configuration. This contents of this module will be imported into
3# and every content type module.
5# If you wish to perform custom configuration, you may put a file
6# in your product's root directory. This will be included in this file if
7# found.
[454]9from Products.CMFCore.CMFCorePermissions import setDefaultRoles
11PROJECTNAME = "ILSAALRecursosHumanos"
[918]13# Permissions
[454]14DEFAULT_ADD_CONTENT_PERMISSION = "Add portal content"
[1159]15setDefaultRoles(DEFAULT_ADD_CONTENT_PERMISSION, ('Manager', 'Owner', 'Member'))
17    'Ferias': 'Add Ferias Content',
18    'Vencimentos': 'Add Vencimentos Content',
19    'Recisao': 'Add Recisao Content',
20    'Sefip': 'Add Sefip Content',
21    'EventoHistoricoFucional': 'Add EventoHistoricoFucional Content',
22    'AdicionalTempoServico': 'Add AdicionalTempoServico Content',
23    'Dependente': 'Add Dependente Content',
24    'Empregados': 'Add Empregados Content',
25    'Sindicato': 'Add Sindicato Content',
26    'Sindicatos': 'Add Sindicatos Content',
27    'Dependentes': 'Add Dependentes Content',
28    'LogRh': 'Add LogRh Content',
29    'Sefips': 'Add Sefips Content',
30    'Pensionista': 'Add Pensionista Content',
31    'RepresentanteLegal': 'Add RepresentanteLegal Content',
32    'Empregado': 'Add Empregado Content',
33    'Fgts': 'Add Fgts Content',
34    'Afastamento': 'Add Afastamento Content',
35    'Pensionistas': 'Add Pensionistas Content',
[1159]38setDefaultRoles('Add Ferias Content', ('Manager', 'Owner', 'Member'))
39setDefaultRoles('Add Vencimentos Content', ('Manager', 'Owner', 'Member'))
40setDefaultRoles('Add Recisao Content', ('Manager', 'Owner', 'Member'))
41setDefaultRoles('Add Sefip Content', ('Manager', 'Owner', 'Member'))
42setDefaultRoles('Add EventoHistoricoFucional Content', ('Manager', 'Owner', 'Member'))
43setDefaultRoles('Add AdicionalTempoServico Content', ('Manager', 'Owner', 'Member'))
44setDefaultRoles('Add Dependente Content', ('Manager', 'Owner', 'Member'))
45setDefaultRoles('Add Empregados Content', ('Manager', 'Owner', 'Member'))
46setDefaultRoles('Add Sindicato Content', ('Manager', 'Owner', 'Member'))
47setDefaultRoles('Add Sindicatos Content', ('Manager', 'Owner', 'Member'))
48setDefaultRoles('Add Dependentes Content', ('Manager', 'Owner', 'Member'))
49setDefaultRoles('Add LogRh Content', ('Manager', 'Owner', 'Member'))
50setDefaultRoles('Add Sefips Content', ('Manager', 'Owner', 'Member'))
51setDefaultRoles('Add Pensionista Content', ('Manager', 'Owner', 'Member'))
52setDefaultRoles('Add RepresentanteLegal Content', ('Manager', 'Owner', 'Member'))
53setDefaultRoles('Add Empregado Content', ('Manager', 'Owner', 'Member'))
54setDefaultRoles('Add Fgts Content', ('Manager', 'Owner', 'Member'))
55setDefaultRoles('Add Afastamento Content', ('Manager', 'Owner', 'Member'))
56setDefaultRoles('Add Pensionistas Content', ('Manager', 'Owner', 'Member'))
[114]60##code-section config-bottom #fill in your manual code here
61##/code-section config-bottom
[918]64# load custom configuration not managed by ArchGenXML
66    from Products.ILSAALRecursosHumanos.AppConfig import *
67except ImportError:
68    pass
[114]70# End of
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