Contra Costa College is a diverse, full-service California community college located across the bay from San Francisco. Contra Costa College currently serves approximately 8,000 students each semester and is known for its excellent faculty, small classes, and caring and dedicated support staff. The college is conveniently located near San Francisco, Oakland and Berkeley, with nearby public transportation. It is also close to San Francisco and Oakland international airports. The college sits amidst a wealth of world-class educational institutions, including the University of California, Berkeley; UC Davis; Stanford University; the University of San Francisco; St. Mary's College of California; and among others, the California State University campuses at Hayward, San Francisco, San Jose, and Sonoma, among others.

Transfer Education Classes taken at Contra Costa College transfer to most public and private four-year institutions. The college currently offers Associate in Arts (AA) and Associate in Science degrees, as well as Certificates of Achievement and some Certificates of Completion in specific courses. Upon completion of a minimum of 60 units of transferable courses and general education breadth requirements, students may be eligible to transfer as juniors. Contra Costa College has an on-site admissions program with San Francisco State University, as well as various transfer guaranteed admissions agreements with UC Berkeley, UC Davis, UC Santa Cruz and UC Riverside and other universities in California and the U.S.

Programs of Study Contra Costa College offers a wide variety of programs and majors for students, ranging from English, math and the sciences to computers, nursing, foreign languages and business. Areas of study at CCC include: Fine Arts (Art, Music, Drama) Communication (English, Speech) Foreign Languages Social Sciences Physical Sciences and Engineering Mathematics Biological Science and Biotechnology Computers and Business Health Professions and Health Education Physical Education and Athletics Career and Workforce Development Technological Careers Biotechnology

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