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Como apagar uma Stack do Heat que não quer ser Deletada

You can try marking as COMPLETE the resource showing DELETE_FAILED from 'heat resource-list <stackname>', then re-try deleting the stack (the SELECT below will show the type of resource and its uuid, so that you can manually delete it).

At the mysql host, do:

# Connect to the heat DB mysql -uroot -r<mysql root password> heat

-- At the mysql> prompt, do:


SELECT distinct as s_name, as resource_type, r.nova_instance as physical_resource_id, r.uuid as r_uuid, r.action as r_action, r.status as r_status from resource join (stack as s, resource as r) on where s.action='DELETE' and s.status='FAILED' and r.action='DELETE' and r.status='FAILED';
UPDATE resource set status='COMPLETE' where action='DELETE' and status='FAILED';

-- Verify that the number of updated rows matches the output from:

heat resource-list <stackname>, then:


# Retry deleting the problematic stack: heat resource-list <stackname> heat stack-delete <stackname>

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