What is Application Programming?

Application Programming is used as a short form to and the dress Application programming interface (API). API is a software intermediary, it helps two applications to talk to each other. Applications can be Facebook, Naukri Whatsapp etc.. So whenever we send a message or check weather etc. we are using API. The API came into being by 1940's but its name or the term API emerged by 1960's and 1970's.

An API can be specific to a particular component or made on the basis of a standard of an industry. Through API users can use the interface independently. API is available for software libraries, hardware, operating systems etc.

What Happens Exactly?

Whenever we use an application on the mobile phone, it connects to the internet and sends data to the server. The server then recalls the data, interprets the data, does the important processing and sends it back to the phone. The application then reads the data and interprets it for the user in the readable form. This is what happens in the process.

Real Life API Example

Suppose you have to book a flight, so you use the travel application or its website. You get a lot of options to choose from that is departure date, return date, prices, cabin, timings, brand of airline etc.. After choosing through all the options, you need to book the flight for which you have to access the travel company's database and check whether seats are available for your choosen options.

Layer of Security Provided by API

The API works as a middle man, thus neither your phone completely exposed to server nor the server exposed to your phone. Here both communicate with small packet of data, thus sharing only necessary information. Like ordering food through an application, your tell the restaurant what you need as food, while the restaurant tells you the price. In the end you get your meal.

With the passage of time, everything is IoT based, thus API's have gained so much of popularity that they comprise a large part of business revenues of major companies. Like Amazon, Google, Expedia to name a few companies who make money through their API's. This concept refers to as API economy.

The API of Today

In the initial days, API used to work as a connectivity interface to an application. But today it has gained lots of importance. It has got some characteristics which makes it a lot valuable.

  1. The API of Today adheres to some standards like HTTP.
  2. These are easily understood and developer friendly.
  3. These API's are built keeping in mind the specific requirements of the audience. They are documented in a way that the audience have certain expectations from it.
  4. These are monitored for their performance from time to time. They function as per a set of functions.

5 APU have their own software development life cycle (SDLC), that is designing, testing, building, managing and versioning. Their versions and their consumption is also well documented.

Why Do We Need API?

Suppose you (that is your application) wants to access another app's data. Example - you want to access all tweets of Twitter that mention #chocolate. Now you can ask Twitter via email to send all the tweets. But it would be clumsy cause first it would be difficult for you to import these spreadsheets to your application. Second, by some means you save the spreadsheets in your application, the data will become outdated easily. And you very well know that it's impossible to keep the data up to date.

Thus, for Twitter it will be easy and simple to provide you a way to get that data so that you can use it in your application. It would automatically update in a way. So, API provides access to this data, which updates automatically, and this data can be easily added to your application.

Growth of API

API is found everywhere, as it has grown enormously popular these days. The API has come into scene mostly because of some changes in the industry :

  1. The first reason is the growth of internet over which all the mobile apps work. The mobile apps seek information from the server using the internet.
  2. The second reason is the emergence of Internet of Things (IoT), where all the things are connected to internet thus sending data to the server or seeking data through it using internet.

Points to Remember

Some key takeaways are as follows :

  1. API are tools that help give boost to your business.
  2. API make product shopping easy and fast. It can be buying a product online or booking a service online.
  3. They give real time possibility to analytics delivery then and there.
  4. The developers get the previledge to make a request for information.

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