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The development of Internet and it's ready availability for all has brought about tons of information for people. Anyone can get access to information anywhere at anytime. It's always the borrowed ideas, original ideas have become rarer and rarer. Everybody is using others' ideas and presenting it as their own. Although this practice is not new, but it has aggravated a lot. There are many professional academic writing agencies which provide plagiarism free content. Let's check out some of the plagiarism detection tools that allows teachers to handle plagiarism problem:

1. Dupli Checker: It is one of the most effective free plagiarism detection tools on the Internet. It gets the work done perfectly.


•Free of Cost: You are not required to pay anything, not even for subscription. Whether you use it the most or you are a one time user, you don't have to pay anything.

•Ease to Use: It's layout is very basic and doesnot require any previous knowledge on plagiarism tools

•2 ways to Upload file: Either you can copy paste the text in the space provided or you can upload doc file or text file from your computer.

•50 Plagiarism Checks for Registered Use: If you get yourself registered on Dupli Checker, you can scan 50 times in a single day.


•If you are not registered on Dupli Checker, then you are entitled to only 1 plagiarism check per day.


•No paid version available

2.Copyleaks: This is a cloud-based authentication platform. It is used to find out how e-content is used all over the internet.


•Different Sections for Education & Business: The platform has different sections for education and business purposes. The business section is for publishers and SEO agencies while education section is for students, schools and universities.

•Many File Formats and Languages: Copyleaks supports many file formats and all unicode languages.

•Variety of Tools: Copyleaks allows you to use API tools to scan for plagiarized e-content over the Internet.


•Can be used only after signing up

•Only first 10 pages are free to be scanned for plagiarism check


•For Businesses: If you use it for free, you can scan upto 2,500 words per month. The flexible subscription plan starts from $9,99 per month to check upto 25,000 words without a day limit.

•For Education: The free package is the same as that for businesses. The paid plan is $10,99 per month for scanning 25,000 words.

3. PaperRater: It is a multi-purpose tool used as a free plagiarism checker, in over 240 countries.


•3 Tools in 1: It is a proofreader and provides with different vocabulary words, checks grammatical mistakes and checks plagiarism too.

•Developed by a team of subject matter experts. Also helped by linguistic experts.

PaperRater? gives accurate results in seconds.


•No ability to save the report


•Basic: You can submit upto 5 pages and avail all of its tools.

•Premium: Pay $7,95 per month or $ 9,540 per year and avail all features, ad free with file uploading ability and faster processing speed.

4. Plagiarisma: Multipurpose, easy to use plagiarism detection tool used by students, teachers, writers and members of the literary groups.


•Supports nearly 190+ languages, virtually no language is left

•Many ways to upload the file and supports many formats- You can copy-paste the file or type the text in the space provided, can provide with URL or upload the file from computer. It supports many file formats like TXT, HTML, RTF, DOC, PDF, XLS, DOCX etc.

•Firefox and Chrome extension- Get your text quickly checked by downloading the extentions.


•The free version has limited plagiarism checks per day.


•Variety of plans- Free version supports all the above mentioned features. There is premium membership. Pricing starts from $5 per day for up to 100 searches. There are plans for unlimited searches too.

5. Plagiarism Checker: It is a user friendly, free plagiarism detection tool.


•Detailed Guidelines to Use: One of the easiest detection tool, because of the step by step guideline to use the tool.

•Check to find out if others have plagiarized your content- The "For Authors" option in the tool helps find out if anyone has plagiarized your content and posted on the internet.

•Entirely online- No downloads required


•Browsers Supported: Supports only Google and Yahoo browser. If you don't use any one of it, you may have to look somewhere else.


•Free of Charge

These are some of plagiarism checkers to be used by teachers and students or authors free of cost. The subscription charges are there for some but there free version is available too. Professional academic writers like BookMyEssay?, also provide content which is checked for plagiarism and then delivered to the client. Plagiarism is a major distracter in the writing world. Thus, hiring professional writers always keeps you away from plagiarism.

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