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O que fazer quando a VM não responde a comandos de reboot, shutdown, force reboot e force-shutdown.

I've found the resolution

through my other thread. Here's what you need to do.

1 - "xe vm-list" to get the uuid of the VM that is hung

2 - "list_domains" to list the domain uuid's so you can determine
the domain # of the VM above by matching the uuids from this output with
the uuid for your VM from the previous command.

3 - "/opt/xensource/debug/destroy_domain -domid XX" where XX is the domain number from the previous command

4 - "xe vm-reboot uuid=XXXX --force" where XXXX is the uuid from the first vm-list command for your VM. (name-label may work but didn't work this time for me so I used the uuid)

Your VM will be back up running now in most cases. (I use this for my HVMs that hang so I don't have to reboot the host server)

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