Introduction To Python

Python is a general purpose programming language used for web development, AI, machine learning, mobile application development, video games. This language was developed in the early 1980's by Guido Van Rossum. Python can be used in a variet of domain. Learning Python during college years will give a kick to your career. You can seek support from academic writers for Python Assignment Help, so that you score big and get a good placement.

Python is based on 'object oriented' style, thus it can be used to write both large scale and small projects. It is easy to learn, has easy syntax and follows organised structure. It is high level dynamically typed language. Its present version was concieved in 2000's called Python 2.0. Its a fantastic language for coding all sorts of projects.

Why Is Python Awesome?

While you start to learn coding it is always better to start with a simple language which is why Python is the first choice. It is versatile and straight forward. It is widely accepted for a wide range of products like simple web applications to entire operating system. Students of Computer Science should get Python Assignment Help from professionals, so that they can learn and score big.

Moreover, there are many online classes that provide python learning free of cost or at low cost, so it is relatively easy to get hold of. Thus, if you want career in tech, just go for learning Python.

Key Features of Python That Makes It Wanted

  1. Easy To Learn: Python is very easy to learn as compared to other programming languages like JavaScript?, Java, C, C#. It is a high level programming language which is developer friendly. The few basics of python can be learnt in few hours. It is an integrated language, that doesnot require any additional compiler to run the language. Its graphic friendly interface with easy guidelines makes it very demanding. Students should consider learning Python and add a feather in their cap. Python Assignment Help is easily available online.
  1. Free and Open Source: Python language is easily available at the official website and you can download it easily. Being open source, its source code is also available to the public. You can download it and use it too. There are many free Python tools available that can be easily installed. Most of them are compatible with many types of softwares and devices.
  1. Object Oriented Language: The key feature of Python is object oriented programming. Python supports object oriented programming and supports concepts like classes, object encapsulation etc.
  1. GUI Supported Programming: Graphical user interfaces can be made using modules like PyQt5, PyQt4, wxPython, or Tk in python. GUI allows users to interact with the software.
  1. High-Level language: It is a high level language, meaning when we write programs in python, we donot need to remember the system architecture. Neither do we require to manage memory.
  1. Portable Language: Being said as a portable language means, if we have python code for windows and we need to run it on Linux, Unix or Mac, we donot need to change this code. We can easily run the code on different platforms.
  1. Extensible Feature: Python comes with extensible features. It means we can insert some of the python codes in C++ and many other programs too. We can easily compile python codes in C, C++. All these features make Python a demanding language. While learning Python, students can get python assignment help from professional academic writers like BookMyEssay?.
  1. Integrated Language: As we can integrate python with other programming languages like C and C++, Python is called an integrated language.
  1. Interpreted Language: Python is called an interpreted language because it is executed line by line. Like other languages, there is no need to compile python code. It makes it easier to debug the python code. The source code of python is converted to immediate form called bytecode.
  1. Large Standard Library: Python has a large standard library that provides the developer with rich set of modules and functions, so they don't need to write code for every single thing. Some of the libraries present in python are unit-testing, web browser etc.
  1. Dynamically Typed Language: The reason Python is called dynamically typed is that many of the things are decided at run time and not in advance. For example, the type of variable be it int, double, long etc. is decided at run time. You don't need to specify it in advance.
  1. Simplified Software: Python has been in use for a long time. It is easy to use and earned the reputation of being a simple language as it simplifies codes and algorithms. It follows line by line execution method. The programs through python can be executed in one line.

Wrapping It Up

These are some of the features, which makes Python developer friendly. Thus, more and more students have put their interest bin learning Python Programming, For more updates on the language, students can take python assignment help from professional writers like BookMyEssay?. Their experts are pro in Python programming and have years of IT experience.

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