Como recuperar um disco virtual danificado

Apresentando erro VDI Unavailable.

Ok, to do that, create a new vdi larger than the one that is damaged. Preferably use the command line:

xe vdi-create sr-uuid=bc4c43f3-1321-2b17-bef0-3b58686a8075 
name-label=copy virtual-size=210130436096

the sr-uuid is the storage where you want to put the copy. Take note of the uuid that comes up after you execute the command

get the uuid of your xenserver control domain by doing

xe vm-list name-label=Control\ domain\ on\ host:\ 
<name of your xenserver host> params=uuid

then create the vbd

xe vbd-create vm-uuid=<vm-uuid you got from the previous command> 
vdi-uuid=<vdi uuid you got from the vdi-create command> device=0

plug the vbd

xe vbd-plug uuid=<vbd uuid you got from the previous command>

then do the copy

dd if=/dev/mapper/VG_XenStorage--bc4c43f3--1321--2b17--bef0--3b58686a8075-
VHD--b079b55a--6679--47a1--b2a2--d207a476494e of=/dev/xvda

The copy will take several minutes. When finished unplug the vbd

xe vbd-unplug uuid=<vbd uuid you got from the vbd-create command>
xe vbd-destroy uuid=<vbd uuid you got from the vbd-create command>

Afterwards, you can connect the new vdi to a vm and see if you can recover anything.

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