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     1= Como recuperar um disco virtual danificado =
     2== Apresentando erro VDI Unavailable. ==
     3Ok, to do that, create a new vdi larger than the one that is damaged. Preferably use the command line:
     7xe vdi-create sr-uuid=bc4c43f3-1321-2b17-bef0-3b58686a8075
     8name-label=copy virtual-size=210130436096
     10[[BR]] the sr-uuid is the storage where you want to put the copy. Take note of the uuid that comes up after you execute the command[[BR]] [[BR]] get the uuid of your xenserver control domain by doing[[BR]]
     12xe vm-list name-label=Control\ domain\ on\ host:\
     13<name of your xenserver host> params=uuid
     15[[BR]] then create the vbd [[BR]]
     17xe vbd-create vm-uuid=<vm-uuid you got from the previous command>
     18vdi-uuid=<vdi uuid you got from the vdi-create command> device=0
     20[[BR]] plug the vbd[[BR]]
     22xe vbd-plug uuid=<vbd uuid you got from the previous command>
     24[[BR]] then do the copy[[BR]] [[BR]]
     26dd if=/dev/mapper/VG_XenStorage--bc4c43f3--1321--2b17--bef0--3b58686a8075-
     27VHD--b079b55a--6679--47a1--b2a2--d207a476494e of=/dev/xvda
     29[[BR]] The copy will take several minutes. When finished unplug the vbd[[BR]] [[BR]]
     31xe vbd-unplug uuid=<vbd uuid you got from the vbd-create command>
     34xe vbd-destroy uuid=<vbd uuid you got from the vbd-create command>
     36[[BR]] Afterwards, you can connect the new vdi to a vm and see if you can recover anything.

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