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Stick Merge is a great shooting game that you should try. In this classic shooting game you build powerful guns by combining various weapons and shoot the moving stick to destroy your opponents. This is a relatively difficult gun battle because you have a lot of opponents everywhere. The bad guys are always swarming and want to destroy you so you need to be really vigilant. At the same time, you need to show your gunner skills by killing all players in this gunfight.

Defeat all the bad guys who want to destroy you. Try to take down all the mobs while you keep yourself safe.

Stick merge is a great gun game that I would always recommend to you and everyone to know and experience it. This is a gunfight because you need to equip yourself with the most powerful gun to be able to win by collecting and upgrading your weapons throughout the gameplay. Your goal is to combine different weapons to create more powerful guns, or you can also upgrade your shotgun, while also discovering all sorts of things that increase power. Be strong and become the best gunman in town.

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