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     1= Trac Backup =
     2Since Trac uses a database backend, it requires some extra care to safely create a backup of a TracEnvironment. Luckily, TracAdmin has a command to make backups easier - '''hotcopy'''.
     4'''Note:''' Trac uses the ''hotcopy'' nomenclature to match that of [ Subversion], to make it easier to remember when managing both Trac and Subversion servers.
     6== Creating a Backup ==
     7To create a backup of a live TracEnvironment, simply run:
     9  $ trac-admin /some/where/mytracenv hotcopy /my/vault/mytracenv-backup
     12'''Note:''' TracAdmin will lock the database while copying.
     14The resulting backup copy is safe to handle using standard file-based backup tools like tar or dump/restore.
     17=== Restoring a Backup ===
     18Backups are simply a copied snapshot of the entire TracEnvironment directory structure, including the SQLite database.
     20To restore an environment from a backup, simply shut down your Trac service (Web server or tracd), restore the directory structure from backup and restart the service.
     23See also: TracAdmin, TracGuide

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