Super mario bros is a speedrunning online game. Where you play as the adventurous plumber, collect coins and defeat Bowser to save the princess.

Bowser has imprisoned Princess Toadstool because she is the only one that can undo Bowser's wicked spells, which have transformed the Mushroom Kingdom's residents into inanimate objects like bricks.

Coins can be used to quickly obtain the power up, or the game can be purchased in retail stores. Player need to be persistent, to find each coin hidden inside the mystery bricks.

Along the way, you must fight Koopa Troopa's, goombas, and other enemies. As Mario jumps on top of them, the majority of them are dispatched. Mario can also beat enemies by jumping and hitting the bricks they are standing on from behind them. You can also gather coins and leap to strike mystery bricks as they progress. Mystery bricks can hold extra coins or hidden items such as red and yellow mushrooms, doubling Mario's height.

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