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Como criar um disco de mais de 2TB para uma VM

Ensina como criar, via linha de comando, um volume maior que 2TB para uma VM

  • Begin by finding the uuid of the SR:
# xe sr-list
uuid ( RO)                : d01e35f3-ca69-6bb5-820d-c36c0f496b9c
          name-label ( RW): DATA
    name-description ( RW): Hardware HBA SR [SGI - /dev/sdbl [sdbb] [sdbv] [sdx] [sdd] [sdn] [sdah] [sdar]]
                host ( RO): <shared>
                type ( RO): lvmohba
        content-type ( RO):
  • Get the volume group device name: 
# vgs | awk '{print $1}' | grep d01e35f3-ca69-6bb5-820d-c36c0f496b9c
  • Create the new logical volume with a proper name:
# lvcreate -L4T -n"LV-"$(uuidgen) VG_XenStorage-d01e35f3-ca69-6bb5-820d-c36c0f496b9c
Logical volume "VHD-5f377f2e-26b4-42a3-8e07-fbd806bac42d" created
  • Tell XenServer to scan the SR
# xe sr-scan uuid=d01e35f3-ca69-6bb5-820d-c36c0f496b9c

After scanning the SR, the new VDI magically appeared under the Storage tab for this SR in XenCenter. I then gave it a name and description, and assigned it to a VM just like any other VDI.


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