Why to contact our AOL technical support services?

AOL is one of the top ranking email services in USA. AOL has millions of users all over the US which are very happy and pleased with its services. AOL technical support team is very much obliged to assist its users to eradicate all their issues which they might be encountering. AOL can be counted as leading emails service provider in the world as it has millions of user base. With these many users AOL cannot be wrong with its services. However AOL customer service phone number 1-800-721-0104 is available for its users as with these many users, problems are just in the corner and ready to attack.

Some of the common AOL problems that users might face with it accounts are as follows:

  • AOL mail not opening 
  • Not able to send or receive mail
  • Issues with AOL desktop
  • AOL desktop download issue. 
  • And many more for which user search for AOL customer support number.

The above mentioned issues are some of the common issues which rattled the AOL users mind and make them search for AOL tech support number in Google. We have mentioned some to resolve the common issue in AOL of Canceling computer check up service.

How to cancel computer check up services in AOL?

  • Visit “My Account” section
  • After that sign in to your account using your Username or Email and Password
  • Press continues after Answering security question.
  • Select “Manage My Subscriptions” beneath service option
  • Hit “Cancel"
  • Select the drop-down men
  • Afterward click “Cancel” again
  • You will receive a notification for service cancellation
  • You will also receive a conformation email
  • And you have successfully cancelled the services.

We hope that the above mentioned service have helped you to get rid of the issues, but if it dint you can contact AOL support number 1-800-721-0104 for technical help from the experienced technicians. So don’t hesitate and contact our AOL tech support team now.

Sourec URL:-http://www.email-customer-support.com/aol-support-phone-number-1800-721-0104/

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